Nestled amidst the bustling streets of Denmark’s vibrant cities, Aladdin Doner & Sandwich Denmark stands as a culinary oasis, offering a taste of authentic Middle Eastern flavors to the discerning Danish palate. With its generous portions, warm hospitality, and commitment to quality ingredients, Aladdin Doner & Sandwich has established itself as a beloved local favorite. Aladdin Doner & Sandwich and let your senses be transported to the heart of the Middle East. The tantalizing aroma of freshly grilled meats fills the air, mingling with the enticing scents of spices like cumin, cardamom, and turmeric. The vibrant décor, adorned with traditional Middle Eastern motifs, further enhances the immersive dining experience.

We can categorize the Aladdin Doner & Sandwich into the following:

  • Populær
  • Offer
  • News
  • Sandwiches
  • Döner 
  • Nachos
  • Salatboxe
  • Menuer
  • Drikke 

Let’s expoler them:

Aladdin Doner & Sandwich Popular Dishes

Item Price
Berliner Roll kebab60 KR 
Nachos Chicken Box64 KR 
Berliner Döner Chicken60 KR 
Berliner Rulle Kebab + soft drink98 KR
Berliner Mix99 KR
Berliner Doner Chicken + Soda98 KR 

Aladdin Doner & Sandwich Offer Menu

Item Price
Berliner Roll Kebab + soft drink98 KR
Berliner Döner Chicken + soda98 KR
Offer Price

Aladdin Doner & Sandwich News

Berlin Mix99 KR 
News Menu

Aladdin Doner & Sandwich Sandwiches Price

Turkey Sandwich59.20 KR 
Egg & Shrimp Sandwich63.20 KR 
Spicy Chicken Sandwich59.20 KR
Spicy Chicken & Bacon Sandwich63.20 KR
Veggie Sandwiches59.20 KR 
Sandwiches Price

Aladdin Doner & Sandwich Döner Menu

Berliner Roll kebab60 KR 
Rulle Falafel60 KR 
Döner Falafel60 KR 
Falafel Box60 KR 
Berliner Döner Kylling60 KR 
Doner Menu

Aladdin Doner & Sandwich Nachos Price

Nachos Chicken Box64 KR 
Nachos Box56 KR

Aladdin Doner & Sandwich Salatboxe Menu

Vegetarian Box72 KR 
The house’s Pasta Chicken box 79.20 KR 
Chicken Bacon84 KR
SalatBoxe Menu

Aladdin Doner & Sandwich Menuer Price

Salad Box Menu63.20 KR
Nachos Chicken Menu63.20 KR 
Nachos Box Menu60 KR 
Menuer Price

Aladdin Doner & Sandwich Drikke Menu

L Spring Water20 KR
L Ayran23 KR
L Gazoz23 KR
L Gazoz Zero23 KR
L Gazoz Mango23 KR
L Gazoz Orange23 KR
Drikke Menu

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday10 am–9 pm

Phone No: +4560833339

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