Welcome to Broadway Burgers Denmark, where the passion for theater meets the love for delicious, hearty burgers! Nestled in the heart of Denmark, Broadway Burgers brings a unique dining experience that combines the excitement of Broadway with the comfort of classic American cuisine.

Our story begins with a dedication to quality ingredients, mouthwatering flavors, and a commitment to providing an unforgettable dining adventure for every guest. Step into our world, where every burger is a star on its own stage, and every bite is a standing ovation. Join us as we take you on a journey through the vibrant streets of Broadway, right here in Denmark. Welcome to Broadway Burgers, where every visit is a performance to remember!

We can categorize Broadway Burgers Menu as follow:

  • Tilbud
  • Engangsservice
  • Burgermenuer
  • Tilbehør
  • Salater
  • Dessert
  • Sodavand
  • Milkshakes
  • Juice
  • Limonade

Let’s Explore them in details:

Broadway Burgers Tilbud Menu

Miss Classic159 KR
Broadway Burger199 KR
Hej Chili169 KR
Broadway Burgers Tilbud Menu

Broadway Burgers Engangsservice Price

Tjenermester2 KR

Broadway Burgers Burgermenuer Menu

Miss Classic159 KR
Grand BBQ169 KR
Jersey oksekød 169 KR
Smokey Joe’s Swiss169 KR
Hej Chili169 KR
Ind i Osten174 KR
Sydgrøn (V)169 KR
Chick-In159 KR
Lyden af ​​grillen169 KR
Broadway Burger199 KR
Tilpasset Falafel Burger (V)139 KR
Vilde vest239 KR
Hawaii rejser169 KR
Skydere (3 stk)205 KR
Børnemåltidsburger79 KR
Kids Meal Nuggets (5 stk)79 KR
Broadway Burgers Burgermenuer

Broadway Burgers Tilbehør Menu Price

Avenue Fries (V)49 KR
Oh My Cheese (V)69 KR
Blandede snacks79 KR
Mystery Box69 KR
One Choice Box39 KR
Kyllingevinger (8 stk)79 KR
Crazy Crispy Chicken (6 stk)79 KR
Abies Nachos115 KR
Broadway Burgers Tilbehør

Broadway Burgers Salater Price Menu

Amerikansk Cæsar salat115 KR

Broadway Burgers Dessert Price

Pandekager (3 stk)39 KR

Broadway Burgers Sodavand Menu

Coca-Cola 0,33 l20 KR
Coca-Cola Zero 0,33 l20 KR
Fanta Orange 0,33 l20 KR
Faxe Kondi 0,33 l20 KR
Coca-Cola 1,5 l39 KR
Coca-Cola Zero 1,5 l39 KR
Fanta Orange 1,5 l39 KR
Faxe Kondi 1,5 l39 KR
Schweppes Citron 1,5 l39 KR
Broadway Burgers Sodavand Price

Broadway Burgers Milkshakes Price

Vanilje Milkshake 0,4 l59 KR
Jordbær Milkshake 0,4 l59 KR
Hindbær Milkshake 0,4 l59 KR
Banan Milkshake 0,4 l59 KR
Mango Milkshake 0,4 l59 KR
Choko Oreo Milkshake 0,4 l59 KR
Karamel Milkshake 0,4 l59 KR
Broadway Burgers Milkshakes Menu

Broadway Burgers Juice Menu

Friskpresset appelsinjuice 0,40 l59 KR

Broadway Burgers Limonade Price

Lemonade med Mynte59 KR

21C, Jernbanegade, Næstved, Naestved Municipality, Region Zealand, 4700, Denmark

Opening Hours: Monday, 3:30–8:30 PM

Tuesday, 3:30–8:30 PM

Wednesday, 3:30–8:30 PM

Thursday, 3:30–8:30 PM

Friday, 11:30 AM–8:30 PM

Saturday, 11:30 AM–8:30 PM

Sunday (Pentecost), 11:30 AM–8:30 PM, Hours might differ

Phone No: +4581818788

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