Caesar Denmark the beaten path and explore the charming alleys and secret courtyards tucked away in Copenhagen. Imagine strolling through cobblestone pathways adorned with colorful houses and blooming flowers, discovering hidden cafes and art galleries, and stumbling upon unexpected surprises around every corner. It’s a treasure hunt through the city’s history and local life, perfect for the curious adventurer.

We can Categorize the Caesar Denmark into the following:

  • Salads 
  • Petit Fours by Csnack 
  • Is 
  • Sodavand 
  • Engangsservice 

Let’s explore them:

Caesar Denmark Salads 

Den Simple55,25 KR
Den Originale80,75 KR
Crunchy Kylling93,50 KR
Krydret Steak102 KR

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Caesar Denmark Petit Fours by Csnack Menu

Brownie25,50 KR
Cookie29,75 KR
Petit Fours By Csnack Menu

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Caesar Is 

Klassisk Vanilla Fløde Is29,75 KR
Vegansk Jordbær Is29,75 KR
Is Denmark

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Caesar Sodavand Updated Price

Coca Cola17 KR
Coca Cola Zero17 KR
Faxe Kondi17 KR
Ramløsa17 KR
NODA Mango21,25 KR
NODA Lemon21,25 KR
NODA Grapefruit21,25 KR
NODA Lemongrass21,25 KR
Sodavand Price

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Caesar Engangsservice 

Bambus Ske1,70 KR
Bambus Bestik Sæt3,40 KR
Engangsservice Price

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