Uni Pizza Denmark isn’t your average pizza joint. It’s a place where imaginations run wild, toppings become works of art, and every bite is an explosion of tastebud fireworks. 💥 We’re talking fresh, gourmet ingredients that dance on top of our signature dough, made with love and a touch of secret magic. Think creamy burrata cheese mingling with sun-dried tomatoes and arugula, or spicy chorizo taking a tango with caramelized onions and roasted peppers. 🔥🌶️ But wait, there’s more! Uni Pizza is also a haven for the unconventional. Craving a pizza topped with Nutella and strawberries? We got you. Want to go full-on savory with a bacon, egg, and cheese masterpiece? Done and done. 😎

We can categorize the Uni Pizza Denmark into the following:

  • Popular 
  • Pizzas 
  • Pizzas – Baked 
  • Pizzas – American 
  • Grill 
  • Drinks 

Let’s explore them:

Popular Dishes

1Salad pizza
pizza uni
90 KR
Pepperoni80 KR
Margherita70 KR
pizza uni
80 KR
Meat Lover95 KR
Uni Special
pizza uni
95 KR
Popular Dishes Denmark

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Uni Pizza denmark Pizzas Menu with price

Margherita70 KR
Hawaii80 KR
Bella85 KR
Sicily75 KR
Mary75 KR
Milan85 KR
Vera85 KR
Roberto90 KR
Rome90 KR
Pepperoni80 KR
Bambino85 KR
Devil90 KR
Flora85 KR
Dino85 KR
Quattro85 KR
Venice95 KR
Olivia95 KR
Salad pizza90 KR
Super Strong90 KR
O Solo Mio90 KR
Meat Lover pizz uno95 KR
Pizza Bolognese95 KR
Gorgonzola85 KR
Havana pizz uno95 KR
Vegetarian Pizza (V)90KR
Favorite90 KR
Uni Special pizz uno27 KR
Pizzas Menu

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Uni Pizza denmark Pizzas – Baked

Calzone90 KR
Calzone90 KR 
Calzone90 KR
Pizzas - Baked Menu

Uni Pizza denmark Pizzas – American Price

California90 KR
Texas95 KR
Washington90 KR
Alabama95 KR
Houston90 KR
San Francisco95 KR
Virginia95 KR
Queens47 KR
American Denmark

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Uni Pizza Grill

Roll Kebab60 KR
Roll Chicken60 KR
Roll Falafel (V)60 KR
Kebab mix80 KR
Chicken mix
uno pizza
80 KR
French Fries
uno pizza
45 KR
Grill Menu with Price

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Uni Pizza Drinking Menu

0.5 L Spring water10 KR 
0.5 L Soda water20 KR
1.5 L Soda35 KR
Drinking Price

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Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday 4:30–9:30 PM

Phone No: +4587300208

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