Get ready to level up your burger game at Hafla Burger & Shakes Denmark, where gourmet meets juicy and shakes are anything but ordinary. 😜 We’re talking handcrafted, made-to-order burgers that are a symphony of flavor. Imagine juicy patties sizzling on the grill, stacked with fresh, never-frozen toppings, all nestled in a toasted brioche bun. And sweet potato fries, onion rings, and loaded cheese steal the show. 🤩

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Let’s explore them:

Popular Dishes

Hafla Burger Menu145 KR
Hafla Burger85 KR
Cheesy Fries65 KR
Chicken Fries79 KR
Hafla Chickano Burger85 KR
Hafla Chickano Burger Menu145 KR
Popular Dishes

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Hafla Burger & Shakes Denmark Burger menus

Hafla Burger Menu145 KR
Seven Burger Menu139 KR
Hafla Chickano Burger Menu145 KR
BBQ Bacon Burger Menu139 KR
Kickass Burger Menu139 KR
Flameboy Burger Menu139 KR
Emilio Burger Menu139 KR
Cheese Me Burger Menu139 KR
Butter Chicken Burger Menu139 KR
Butter Chicken Burger Menu139 KR
Classic Burger Menu139 KR
Mexican Burger Menu139 KR
Popeye Burger Menu139 KR
Umashi Burger Menu139 KR
Sine’s Veggie Burger Menu139 KR
Robinson Burger Menu139 KR
Bearnaise Burger Menu139 KR
Keto Burger Menu139 KR
Tikka Masala Burger Menu139 KR
Burger Menus Price

Hafla Burger & Shakes Denmark Dishes Price

Fish N’ Chips85 KR
Dishes Menu

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Hafla Burger & Shakes Dirty fries 

Spicy Fries79 KR
Sucuk Fries79 KR
Chicken Fries79 KR
Cheesy Fries65 KR
Dirty Fries Denmark

Hafla Burger & Shakes Party Meals Updated Menu

GO Big409 KR
GO Wild625 KR
GO Crazy879 KR
GO Hafla1017 KR
Party Meals Restaurant

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Hafla Burger & Shakes Children’s Menu 

Goink69 KR
Chicken Tenders69 KR
Chicken Nuggets69 KR
Childern's Menu Price

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Hafla Burger & Shakes Denmark Pages 

Chicken Wings55 KR
Chicken Nuggets55 KR
Chicken Tenders55 KR
Mozzarella Sticks55 KR
Chili Cheese Tops55 KR
Onion Rings55 KR
Hangover Box55 KR
Fries55 KR
Curly Fries99 KR
Sweet Potato Fries55 KR
Pages Updated Price

Hafla Burger & Shakes Dips Updated Menu

Hafla sauce15 KR
Chili mayo15 KR
Cheddar sauce15 KR
Cocktail sauce15 KR
French Fries Sauce15 KR
Remoulade15 KR
Ketchup15 KR
Mustard15 KR
Mayonnaise15 KR
Béarnaise15 KR
Salsa15 KR
Dips Menu

Hafla Burger & Shakes Drinking Price

0.5 L Spring water30 KR
0.33 L Pepsi Max30 KR
1.5 L Pepsi Max45 KR
0.33L Pepsi30 KR
1.5 L of Pepsi45 KR
0.33 L Pepsi Lime30 KR
0.33 L Faxe Condi30 KR
1.5 L Faxe Cond45 KR
0.33 L Faxe Kondi Free30 KR
0.33 L Mountain Dew30 KR
0.5 L Faxe Kondi Booster Original39 KR
0.5 L Faxe Kondi Booster Zero39 KR
Drinking Price

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Hafla Burger & Shakes Denmark Shakes

0.4L Escobar69 KR
0.4L Needy Girl69 KR
0.4 L Hafla Shake69 KR
0.4 L El Chapo69 KR
0.4 L Robinson69 KR
0.4 L Chocoshake69 KR
Shakes Denmark

6, Østre Stationsvej, Promenadebyen, City Campus, Odense, Odense Kommune, Region of Southern Denmark, 5000, Denmark

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday 11 AM–11 PM

Phone No: +4560145514

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