Istanbul Pizza & Barbeque Denmark and let the tantalizing aromas of freshly baked pide, sizzling kebabs, and simmering stews entice your senses. Our menu boasts an array of delectable options, from classic döner kebabs to aromatic gözleme pastries, all prepared with passion and expertise by our Turkish chefs. Indulge in the symphony of flavors in our signature Istanbul Special Pide, featuring a generous portion of succulent lamb or chicken döner meat, fresh vegetables, and a drizzle of tangy garlic sauce, all baked to perfection in our traditional stone oven. Or explore the vibrant flavors of our Adana Kebap, featuring tender ground beef and lamb, seasoned with a blend of aromatic spices, and grilled to perfection on our vertical rotisserie.

We can Categorize the Istanbul Pizza & Barbeque Denmark into the following:

  • Populær 
  • Value Meals 
  • Menuer 
  • Pizzaer 
  • Pizzaer – Children 
  • Burgere 
  • Durum 
  • Pita Bread
  • Grill Dishes
  • Salads
  • Accessories
  • Drinks

Let’s explore them:

Popular Dishes

16. Kundens Humør79 KR
9. Meat Lover79 KR
1. Istanbul Salatpizza79 KR
59. Durum Menu79 KR
8. Margarita Delight79 KR
4. Hawaii79 KR
Popular Dishes

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Istanbul Pizza & Barbeque Denmark Value Meals

29. Cheese Burger – Hjemmelavet64 KR
31. Kebab59 KR
39. Kebab64 KR
Value Meals Menu

Istanbul Pizza & Barbeque Denmark Menuer Price

52. Big Burger Menu84 KR
53. Cheese Burger Menu89 KR
54. Dobbelt Burger Menu89 KR
55. Dobbelt Cheese Burger Menu89 KR
56. Kylling Burger Menu84 KR
58. Pitabrød Menu110 KR
59. Durum Menu99 KR
Menus Price

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Istanbul Pizza & Barbeque Denmark Pizzaer 

1. Istanbul Salatpizza79 KR
2. Miami79 KR
3. Torino79 KR
4. Hawaii79 KR
5. Oriental79 KR
6. Chicken Dinner79 KR
7. Curry79 KR
8. Margarita Delight79 KR
9. Meat Lover79 KR
Veggie Zone79 KR
Veggie Dude79 KR
Roma79 KR
Gorgonzola79 KR
Angry Pizza79 KR
Pizza Tonno79 KR
Kundens Humør79 KR
Ankara79 KR
Alanya79 KR
Kebab Hot79 KR
Pizzaer Denmark

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Istanbul Pizza & Barbeque Denmark Pizzaer – Children

20. Mickey Mouse64 KR
21. Peter Plys64 KR
Pizzas - Born Menu

Istanbul Pizza & Barbeque Denmark Burgere Updated Menu

Big Burger49 KR
Cheese Burger54 KR
Bacon Burger54 KR
Bacon Cheese Burger59 KR
Dobbelt Burger59 KR
Dobbelt Cheese Burger64 KR
Kylling Burger54 KR
Mexican Burger – Hjemmelavet64 KR
Classic Burger – Hjemmelavet64 KR
Cheese Burger – Hjemmelavet64 KR
Burgers Price

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Menu Istanbul Pizza & Barbeque Durum 

Kebab Durum59 KR
Skinke & Ost Durum59 KR
Falafel Durum59 KR
Kylling Durum59 KR
Tun Durum59 KR
Durum Menu

Istanbul Pizza & Barbeque Pita BRead Updated Price

Kebab Pita65 KR
Skinke & Ost Pita65 KR
Falafel Pita65 KR
Kylling Pita65 KR
Tun Pita65 KR
Kofte Pita74 KR
Pita Bread Denmark

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Istanbul Pizza & Barbeque Grill Dishes Menu With Price

Ris Ret84 KR
½ Grillkylling95 KR
Pommes Frites36 KR
Mix Ret84 KR
Special Mix Ret89 KR
Kuvertbrød30 KR
Hvidløgsbrød40 KR
Grill Dishes

Istanbul Pizza & Barbeque Salads 

Plain Salad40 KR
Greek Salad45 KR
Salads Restaurant

Accessories Istanbul Pizza & Barbeque Menu 

Hummus in a cup30 KR
Homemade chili sauce in a cup20 KR
Garlic in beaker15 KR
Oregano in cup10 KR
Ketchup7 KR
Mayonnaise7 KR
Accessories Menu Price

Istanbul Pizza & Barbeque Denmark Drinking

0.5 L Soda water28 KR
1.5 L Soda38 KR
0.5 L Spring water15 KR
Ayran15 KR
0.4 L Ice tea Peach28 KR
0.33 L Gazoz20 KR
Drinking Price

Opening Hours:

Monday, 11 AM–10 PM

Tuesday, 11 AM–10 PM

Wednesday, 11 AM–10 PM

Thursday, 11 AM–10 PM

Friday, 11 AM–6 AM

Saturday, 11 AM–6 AM

Sunday, 12–10 PM

Phone No: +4566126112

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