Vietnamese Restaurant Denmark is your one-stop shop for fresh, authentic Vietnamese flavors that’ll tantalize your senses and leave you wanting more. We’re talking steaming bowls of pho, sizzling bánh mì sandwiches, and crispy spring rolls that explode with flavor in your mouth. 😋 But it’s not just about the classics. Our menu is packed with hidden gems, from bun bo hue, a spicy noodle soup with beef and pork, to goi cuon, refreshing rice paper rolls filled with goodness. 🤩

We can Categoize the Vietnamese Restaurant into the following:

  • Populær 
  • Starters
  • Main courses
  • Menus
  • Drinks

Let’s explore them:

Vietnamese Restaurant Popular Dishes

13. Mi Xao – Stegte Nudler med Grøntsager105 KR
15. Beijing And125 KR
1. Bánh Mì75 KR
16. Bejing And125 KR
5. Pho105 KR
11. Sammensat Menu205 KR
Popular Dishes

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Vietnamese Restaurant Starters Menu With Price

0. Tempura rejer, 4 stk59 KR
1. Bánh Mì75 KR
2. Vietnamesiske ruller med rejer, 3 stk59 KR
3. Vietnamesiske Ruller med Svinekød, 3 stk59 KR
4. Vietnamesiske Forårsruller. 3 stk59 KR
Starters Menu

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Menu Vietnamese Restaurant Main courses

5. Pho105 KR
6. Risnudler med Forårsruller & Grillet Kød105 KR
7. Bun Thit Nuong99 KR
8. Vietnamesisk Pandekage99 KR
9. Oksekødssaté99 KR
12. Com Chien99 KR
13. Mi Xao – Stegte Nudler med Grøntsager105 KR
`15. Beijing And125 KR
16. Bejing And125 KR
Main Course Price

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vietnamesisk københav Restaurant Menus Update Price

10. Risrulle Menu160 KR
11. Sammensat Menu205 KR
14. Menu for 2239 KR
17. Menu for 2: Beijing and289 KR
Menus Denmark

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vietnamese restaurant copenhagen Denmark DRinks

0,33 L Coca-Cola15 KR 
0,33 L Coca-Cola15 KR
0,33 L Fanta15 KR
Drinks Price

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Opening Hours:

Monday, 12–9 PM

Tuesday, 12–9 PM

Wednesday, 12–9 PM

Thursday, 12–9 PM

Friday, 12–9 PM

Saturday, 12–9 PM

Sunday, Closed

Phone No: +4593889889

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