From classic combos to adventurous creations, we’ve got a pizza for every mood. Feeling like a pasta pro? We’ve got you covered there too, with creamy carbonaras, hearty bolognese, and veggie-packed options that are light on the fork but big on taste. Plus, who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Ours are piled high with fresh ingredients and toasted to perfection. Italy, skip the plane ticket and grab your phone. Papa Cucina is just a click away!

We can Categorize the Papa Cucina into the following:

  • Popular
  • Value Meals
  • Pizza Slices 
  • Friskbagte Sandwiches 
  • Pizzaer 
  • Pastaretter 
  • Salater 
  • Sides 
  • Drikke

Let’s explore them:

Popular Dishes

Massi71 KR
Salatpizza71 KR
Bland Selv Pizza79 KR
Meat Lovers79 KR
Sandwich med Parmaskinke & Mozzarella54 KR
Sandwich med Oksekødstrimler54 KR

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Papa Cucina Delivery Denmark Value Meals  

Capricciosa Pizza71 KR
Sandwich med Kylling & Bacon52 KR
Pepperoni Slice35 KR
Value Meals Menu

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Papa Cucine delivery denmark Pizza Slices Menu With Price

Skinke Slice35 KR
Dagens Slice35 KR
Vegetar Slice35 KR
Kylling Slice35 KR
Kebab Slice35 KR
Pizza Slices Price

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Menu Papa Cucine delivery FriskBagel Sandwiches 

Sandwich med Kebab52 KR
Sandwich med Tun52 KR
Sandwich med Bresaola & Parmesanost54 KR
Sandwich med Oksekødstrimler54 KR
Sandwich med Parmaskinke & Mozzarella54 KR
Snadwich med Mozzarella Di Bufala52 KR
Sandwich med Salami52 KR
Sandwich med Skinke45 KR
Friskbagte Sandwiches Denmark

Papa Cucine Delivery Denmark Pizzaer Updated Menu

Massi71 KR
Sexy Hawaii71 KR
Pizza Mia71 KR
Al Pacino71 KR
Bland Selv Pizza79 KR
Vegetale71 KR
Spaghetti Bolognese79 KR
Capri79 KR
Mediterranean79 KR
Godfathers79 KR
Patate71 KR
Pollo71 KR
Meat Lovers79 KR
Salatpizza71 KR
Feta71 KR
Robert De Niro71 KR
Åben Calzone71 KR
Little Italy71 KR
Viagra71 KR
Scarface71 KR
Quattro Formaggi71 KR
Pizza Della Casa79 KR
Margherita59 KR
Pizzaer Restaurant

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Papa Cucine Delivery Pastaretter

Fettuccine Kyliing & Pesto65 KR
Pastaretter Price

Papa Cucine delivery denmark Salater Menu

Papa Cucina Salat55 KR
Kyllinge Salat49 KR
Tun Salat49 KR
Blandet Salat45 KR
Salater updated menu

Papa Cucine Delivery Denmark Sides 

Pommes Frites30 KR
Sød Pommes Frites49 KR
Sides Denmark

Papa Cucine delivery Drikke Price

1,5 L Sodavand35 KR
0,5 L Sodavand25 KR
0,33 L Sodavand15 KR
Drikke Price

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Opening Hours:

Monday, 11 AM–10 PM

Tuesday, 11 AM–10 PM

Wednesday, 11 AM–10 PM

Thursday, 11 AM–10 PM

Friday, 11 AM–4 AM

Saturday, 11 AM–5 AM

Sunday, 12-10PM

Phone No: +4593989180

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