Embark on a culinary adventure to the Middle East at Leen’s Pizza & Shawarma Denmark, where authentic flavors collide in a symphony of taste. Indulge in the delectable combination of freshly baked pizzas, savory shawarmas, and aromatic mezze platters, prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients and traditional techniques. Step into our welcoming atmosphere, reminiscent of a bustling Middle Eastern marketplace, and let the tantalizing aromas of freshly baked pita bread, sizzling meats, and vibrant spices transport you to the heart of the region. Our menu boasts an array of delectable options, from classic pizzas with a Middle Eastern twist to traditional shawarmas stacked high with tender meat and fresh toppings.

We can categorize the Leen’s Pizza & Shawarma into the following

  • Popular 
  • Value Meals 
  • Baguette 
  • Pitabrød 
  • Durum 
  • Salater 
  • Menus
  • Pizzaer 
  • Pizzaer – Mellemstore 
  • Pizzaer – Indbagte 
  • Burgere 
  • Grillretter 
  • Børnepizzaer 
  • Tilbehør 
  • Drikke 

Let’s explore them:

Popular Dishes

Byg Selv80 KR
Hjemmelavet Durum70 KR
Insalata75 KR
Popular Dishes

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Leen’s Pizza & Shawarma Denmark Value Meals

Hjemmelavet Pitabrød60 KR
Hjemmelavet Durum70 KR
Value Meals Menu

Menu Leen’s Pizza & Shawarma denmark Baguette 

Baguette70 KR
Baguette Price

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Leen’s Pizza & Shawarma denmark Pitabrød Price

Almindelig Pitabrød45 KR
Pitabrod Denmark

Leen’s Pizza & Shawarma denmark Durum 

Almindelig Durum60 KR


Durum Restaurant

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Price Leen’s Pizza & Shawarma Salater

Salat 4040 KR
Salat 4150 KR
Salat 4260 KR
Salater Menu

Leen’s Pizza & Shawarma denmark Menus

Familie Menu 1219 KR
Familie Menu 2259 KR
Familie Menu 3319 KR
Menus Price

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Leen’s Pizza & Shawarma Pizzaer Menu With Price

Insalata75 KR
Creta75 KR
Vegetariano75 KR
Lisbona75 KR
Mare75 KR
Hawaii75 KR
Colonica75 KR
Filippine75 KR
Fungo75 KR
Byg Selv80 KR
Italiano75 KR
Romagnolia75 KR
Pizzaer Menu

Leen’s Pizza & Shawarma Pizzaer – Mellemstore

Matador90 KR
Carne90 KR
Papa90 KR
Pizzaer - Mellemstore Denmark

Pizzaer – Indbagte Menu

Mexico (åben indbagt)85 KR
Fresco (åben indbagt)85 KR
Gringo (åben indbagt)85 KR
Gorgonzola85 KR
Mama85 KR
Pizzaer - Indbagte Restaurant

Leen’s Pizza & Shawarma Burgere Updated Price

Dobbelt Kalvebacon Cheese Burger70 Kr
Kalvebacon Cheese Burger50 KR
Cheese Burger50 KR
Almindelig Burger45 KR
Kyllinge Burger50 KR
Burgere Menu

Leen’s Pizza & Shawarma Grillretter 

Spaghetti Bolognese65 KR
Shawarma Ret80 KR
Chicken Nuggets70 KR
Grillkylling75 KR
Pølsemix65 KR
Grillretter Price

Børnepizzaer Updated Menu

Rup65 KR
Rap65 KR
Rip65 KR
Bornepizzaer Denmark

Leen’s Pizza & Shawarma denmark Tilbehør Price

Hotdog25 KR
Tzatziki10 KR
Hot Wings40 KR
Løgringe35 KR
Poppers35 KR
Mozzarella Sticks35 KR
Pommes Frites35 KR
Pizza Slice30 KR
Tilbehor Menu

Leen’s Pizza & Shawarma Drikke 

0,5 L Vand15 KR
1,5 L sodavand38 KR
0,5 L sodavand25 KR
Drikke Price

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