Welcome to Roma Pizza Denmark, your gateway to authentic Italian cuisine right in the heart of Denmark. Embark on a culinary adventure as you savor the symphony of flavors that define Italian cooking, prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients and traditional techniques. Step into our welcoming atmosphere, reminiscent of a charming Italian trattoria, and let the tantalizing aromas of freshly baked pizzas and simmering sauces transport you to the sun-drenched streets of Italy. Our menu boasts an array of delectable options, from classic wood-fired pizzas to hearty pasta dishes, all prepared with passion and expertise by our Italian chefs.

We Can Categorize the Roma Pizza into the following:

  • Hjemmelavet Sandwich
  • Salater
  • Menuer
  • Pizzaer
  • Pizzaer – Indbagte
  • Durrum
  • Burgers
  • Grillretter
  • Hjemmelavet Pitabrod
  • Pastaretter
  • Borne Pizzaer
  • Diverse
  • Drikke

Let’s explore them:

Roma Pizza denmark Hjemmelavet Sandwich 

Skinke Sandwich50 KR
Kylling Sandwich50 KR
Kebab Sandwich50 KR
Tun Sandwich 50 KR
Hjemmelavet Sandwich menu

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Roma Pizza denmark Salater Menu With Price

Kyllinge Salat35 KR
Reje Salat35 KR
Tun Salat35 KR
Salat30 KR
Graesk Salat35 KR
Skinke Salat35 KR
Salater price

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Roma Pizza denmark Menuer Price

Menu 180 KR
Menu 295 KR
Menuer Denmark

Roma Pizza denmark Pizzaer 

Hawaii57 KR
Margherita68 KR
Roma68 KR
Odense68 KR
Napoli68 KR
Marinara68 KR
Mussat68 KR
Mia68 KR
Cano68 KR
Fyn68 KR
Dino68 KR
Heline68 KR
Canan68 KR
Jan68 KR
Pepperoni Jan68 KR
Ankona Jan68 KR
Niko Jan68 KR
Kobani68 KR
Shingal68 KR
Davinde Jan68 KR
Italiana Jan68  KR
San Remo Jan68 KR
Alinas Jan68 KR
Huset Jan68 KR
Antoni Jan68 KR
Ramozoto Jan68 KR
Adriano Jan68 KR
Kodsaucepizza 168 KR
Kodsaucepizza 268 KR
Kodsaucepizza 368 KR
Salatpizza 168 KR
Salatpizza 268 KR
Salatpizza 368 KR
Salatpizza 468 KR
Salatpizza 568 KR
Salatpizza 668 KR
Pizza Byg Selv68 KR
Vegetarpizza68 KR
Maxicansk Pizza 168 KR
Maxicansk 268 KR
Maxicansk 368 KR
Maxicansk 468 KR
Tunpizza 168 KR
Tunpizza  268 KR
Tunpizza  368 KR
Ny Pizza 168 KR
Ny Pizza 268 KR
Ny Pizza 3 68 KR
Ny Pizza 468 KR
Ny Pizza 568 KR
Santa Maria – Special78 KR
Matador – Special68 KR
Samos – Special68 KR
Zeynep – Special70 KR
Pizzaer Restaurant

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Roma Pizza Pizzaer – Indbagte Menu With Price

Jakup (Aben Indbagt)70 KR
Odense (Aben Indbagt)70 KR
La Luna (Aben Indbagt)70 KR
Venedig (Aben Indbagt)70 KR
Amore68 KR
Calzone68 KR
Evita68 KR
Lazio68 KR
Torino68 KR
Kebab (Staerk)68 KR
Pizzaer - Indbagte Menu Price

Roma Pizza Durum Price

Kebab Durum60 KR
Kylling Durum60 KR
Skinke Durum60 KR
Falafel Durum60 KR
Durum Price

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Roma Pizza Burgere

Big Burger35 KR
Cheese Burger38 KR
Bacon Burger40 KR
Jumbo Burger40 KR
Kylling Burger40 KR
Burger Denmark

Grillretter Menu With Price

Kylling 70 KR
Spareribs95 KR
Nuggets60 KR
Skinkeschnitzel60 KR
Kyllingefilet65 KR
Kebabkmix50 KR
Polsemix50 KR
Pomme Frites25 KR
Kebabret75 KR
Fiskefilet60 KR
Grillretter Updated Price

Roma Pizza Hjemmelavet Pitabrod 

Pita Kebab45 KR
Pita Kylling45 KR
Pita Skinke45 KR
Pita Tun45 KR
Pita Falafel45 KR
Hjemmelavet Pitabrod Updated Menu

Roma Pizza Pastaretter Menu With Price

Spaghetti Bolognese50 KR
Lasagne60 KR
Spaghetti Med Kodsauce60 KR
Spaghetti Med Kodsauce60 KR
Pastaretter Restaurant

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Pizza Borne Pizzaer 

Mickey Mouse50 KR
Mini Mouse50 KR
Prinsesse50 KR
Winx50 KR
Borne Pizzaer Denmark

Roma Pizza Diverse Menu

Hvidlogsbrod25 KR
Diverse Menu

Roma Pizza Drikke 

0, 33 L Sodavand12 KR
0, 5 L Sodavand22 KR
1, 5 L Sodavand33 KR
Drikke Price

Mozarts Plads, Kongens Enghave, Copenhagen, Copenhagen Municipality, Capital Region of Denmark, 2450, Denmark

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday 2–10 PM

Phone No: +4536174354

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