Phi Mo Thai Cuisine Denmark Embark on a culinary adventure to the vibrant streets of Thailand at Cuisine Denmark, your one-stop shop for authentic Thai flavors. Step into our welcoming atmosphere, reminiscent of a bustling Thai night market, and let the tantalizing scents of lemongrass, galangal, and kaffir lime transport you to the heart of Southeast Asia. Our menu boasts an array of delectable options, from spicy curries and fragrant stir-fries to aromatic soups and refreshing salads, all prepared with passion and expertise by our Thai chefs.

We Can Categorize the Phi Mo – Thai Cuisine into the following:

  • Popular
  • Forretter
  • Thailandake Supper
  • Kyling & And
  • Oksekod
  • Fish & Skaldyr
  • Borne Menuer
  • Tilbehor
  • Dessert
  • Drikkevarer 

Let’s explore them:

Popular Dishes

Phat Thai125 KR
Panang Curry (Medium)125 KR
Popular Dishes

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Phi Mo – Thai Cuisine denmark Forretter Price

Dybstegte Rejechips20 KR
Kylling Stickers59 KR
Stegte Tigerrejer, 3 Stk69 KR
Stegte  Tigerrejer, 2 Stk69 KR
Stegte Frolar, 4 Stk69 KR
Stegte Forårsruller Med Kylling, 2 Stk59 KR
Stegte Forårsruller Vegetar, 2 Stk59 KR
Forretter Menu

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Thailandske Supper Menu With Price

Tom Yam Kung (Spicy)89 KR
Tom Kha Gai (Medium)89 KR
Thailandske Supper Price

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Phi Mo – Thai Cuisine denmark Kylling & And

Phat Thai125 KR
Kylling I Madras Karry (Spicy)125 KR
Massaman Karry (Spicy)125 KR
Kaeng Khiao Wan Gai (Spicy)125 KR
Chang Mai (Spicy)130 KR
Gai Pad Med Ma Muang125 KR
Pad Krapow (Spicy)130 KR
Kylling & And Restaurant

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Phi Mo – Thai Cuisine denmark Oksekod Price

Khao Phad125 KR
Nua Pad Nam Man Hoy125 KR
Spicy Yum Nua (Spicy)130 KR
Panang Curry (Medium)125 KR
Pad Kee Mao (Medium)125 KR
Oksekod Denmark

Phi Mo – Thai Cuisine Fish & Skaldyr Price Menu 

Sursod130 KR
Chili Frolar (Spicy)130 KR
Chili Laks (Spicy)130 KR
Chili Blaeksprutte (Spicy)130 KR
Fisk & Skaldyr Demark menu

Borne Menuer Menu

Kiddy Peanut Kylling65 KR
Kiddy Aeg Kylling65 KR
Kiddy Nuggets65 KR
Borne Menuer Menu

Menu Phi Mo – Thia denmark Cuisine Tilbehor  

Hjemmelavet Peanut Sauce20 KR
Prik Nam Pla20 KR
Dampede Ris30 KR
Stegte Nudler30 KR
Stegte Ris30 KR
Tilbehor Menu Price

Dessert Price

Jordbaer – Passion Sorbet25 KR
Solbaer Sorbet (Vegansk)25 KR
Okologisk Mangois25 KR
Okologisk Mynteis25 KR
Dessert Menu

Phi Mo – Thai Cuisine Drikkevarer Updated Price

L Sodavand17 KR
Egekilde19 KR
Okologisk Hyldeblomst19 KR
Okologisk Aeble-Solbaer19 KR
Okologisk Rebarberbrus19 KR
John Crabbie Ingefaeol (Alkoholfir)25 KR
Drikkevarer Price

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98, Vestergade, City Campus, Odense, Odense Kommune, 5000, Denmark

Opening Hours:

Monday, 4–9 PM

Tuesday, 4–9 PM

Wednesday, 12–9 PM

Thursday, 12–9 PM

Friday, 12–10 PM

Saturday, 12–10 PM

Sunday, 4–9 PM

Phone No: +4566116262

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