Sala Thai Restaurant and be transported to the vibrant streets of Bangkok. The décor is warm and inviting adorned with traditional. Thai touches that create an immersive dining experience. The aroma of aromatic spices fills the air, whetting your appetite for the culinary delights that await. The menu at Sala Thai is a symphony of Thai, featuring an array of classic dishes prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Start your culinary journey with a selection of appetizer scuh as the Tom Yum soup, a spicy and sour broth infused with lemongrass, galangal, and kaffir lime leaves, or the spring rolls, filled with a savory mix of vegetables and served with a sweet and tangy dipping sauce.

We can categorize the Sala Thai Restaurant & Take Away into the following:

  • Popular 
  • Starters 
  • Main courses 
  • Noodle Dishes 
  • Rice Dishes 
  • Specialties 
  • Soups 
  • Accessories 
  • Drink 

Let’s expolere them:

sala thailand Popular Dishes

Red Curry119 KR
Thai spring rolls, 3 pcs.59 KR
Pad Thai119 KR
Sweet Curry119 KR
Chicken Cashew119 KR
Gai Chop Pang Tod59 KR
Popular Dishes

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Sala Thai Restaurant denmark Starters Menu with price

Goong Chop Pang Tod
(thai aarhus)
59 KR
Gai Chop Pang Tod59 KR
Thai spring rolls, 3 pcs.59 KR
Gai Satay79 KR
Lap Gai
(thai aarhus)
79 KR
Starters Menu

Sala Thai Restaurants denmark Main courses

Red Curry119 KR
Green Curry
(sala thai mad)
119 KR
Mas Sa Man Curry119 KR
Sweet Curry
(sala thai mad)
119 KR
Yellow Curry119 KR
Main Courses Price

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Sala Thai Restaurant denmark Noodle Dishes Price

Pad Sea Eaw119 KR
Pad Thai119 KR
Noodle Dishes Denmark

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Sala Thai Restaurant denmark Rice Dishes

Fried rice
(sala thai århus)
119 KR
Strong Fried Rice119 KR
Rice Dishes Restaurant

Sala Thai Restaurants denmark Updated Specialties 

Chicken Cashew119 KR
Sour Sweet Sauce119 KR
Roasted Garlic & Pepper119 KR
Oyster sauce Vegetables119 KR
Sweet Basil & Chili119 KR
Basil & Chili119 KR
Ginger & Oyster Sauce119 KR
Specialties Menu Price

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Sala Thai Restaurants Soups

Tom Yum59 KR
Tom Kha – Shrimp59 KR
Clear Soup – Beef59 KR
Tom Kha – Chicken59 KR
Clear Soup – Chicken59 KR
Soup Menu

Sala Thai Restaurant Accessories Menu

Extra Rice15 KR
Extra Noodles15 KR
Extra Peanut Sauce5KR
Extra Sour Sweet Sauce5 KR
Chili garlic5 KR
Chili powder5 KR
Cashews15 KR
Accessories Price

Sala Thai Restaurants Drinking

1.5 L Soda55 KR
Ice Tea55 KR
Drinking Price

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10, Vesterbrogade, Aarhus, Aarhus Municipality, Central Denmark Region, 8000, Denmark

Opening Hours:

Monday To Sunday 4-9 PM

Phone No: +4586151585

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