Burger Beast – Aalborg DenMark isn’t just another burger joint. It’s a haven for the hungry, the bold, and those who appreciate the finer things in life, like perfectly smashed patties, melty cheese that stretches for miles, and toppings that pack a punch. 😎🧀💥 Imagine this: you sink your teeth into a Beast Cheeseburger, a double stack of juicy, all-natural beef patties griddled to crispy perfection. Each bite is a glorious explosion of flavor, with melted cheddar cheese, tangy pickles, and their signature Beast dressing adding depth to the party. 🍔🤤

We can Categorize the Burger Beast – Aalborg into the following:

  • Popular 
  • Bacon Lover 
  • Single Burgere 
  • Burger Menuer 
  • Børnemenuer 
  • Sides 
  • Dips 
  • Drikke 

Let’s explore them:

Popular Dishes

Beast Cheeseburger Menu119 KR
Triple Beast Cheese & Bacon Menu149 KR
Chicken Beast Burger Menu109 KR
Pommes Frites30 KR
Bacon Beast Cheeseburger87 KR
Beast Crispy Wings29 KR
Popular Dishes

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Burger Beast Bacon Lover Menu

Bacon Triple Beast Cheese & Bacon121 KR
Bacon Chicken Beast Burger81 KR
Bacon Beast Cheeseburger87 KR
Bacon Lovers Menu

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Burger Beast Aalborg denmark Single Burgere Price

Chicken Beast Burger69 KR
Beast Cheeseburger75 KR
Triple Beast Cheese & Bacon109 KR
Vegan Beast Burger89 KR
Single Burgere Denmark

Burger Beast Aalborg denmark Burger Menuer Updated Price

Chicken Beast Burger Menu109 KR
Beast Cheeseburger Menu119 KR
Chicken Sticks Menu109 KR
Triple Beast Cheese & Bacon Menu149 KR
Familiemenu379 KR
Vegan Beast Burger Menu119 KR
Burger Menuer

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Burger Beast Aalborg Denmark Børnemenuer Menu With Price

Børnemenu79 KR
Bornemenuer Restaurant

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Burger Beast Aalborg Sides Menu

Chicken Sticks69 KR
Pommes Frites30 KR
Beast Crispy Bites29 KR
Beast Crispy Wings29 KR
Beast Box69 KR
Sides Updated Menu

Burger Beast Aalborg Dips Updated Price

Trøffelmayo12 KR
Estragonmayo12 KR
Hvidløgsmayo12 KR
Chilimayo12 KR
Dips Denmark

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Burger Beast Aalborg Drikke Price 

Pepsi20 KR
Pepsi Max20 KR
Faxe Kondi20 KR
Cocio20 KR
Kildevand20 KR
Faxe Kondi Orange Free20 KR
Drikke Price

13A, Reberbansgade, Hasseris Villaby, Aalborg, Aalborg Municipality, North Denmark Region, 9000, Denmark

Opening Hours:

Monday, 11 AM–9 PM

Tuesday, 11 AM–9 PM

Wednesday, 11 AM–9 PM

Thursday, 11 AM–9 PM

Friday, 11 AM–10 PM

Saturday, 11 AM–10 PM

Sunday, 11 AM–10 PM

Phone No: +4520761090

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