Restaurant Shezan Denmark and let the tantalizing aromas of freshly baked naan bread, simmering curries, fragrant basmati rice entice your senses. Our menu boasts an array of delectable options. From classic tandoori dishes to aromatic vegetarian delights, all prepared with passion and expertise by our Indian chefs. Indulge in the symphony of flavors in our signature Restaurant Shezan Denmark , featuring tender pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, cooked to perfection in our tandoor oven, and simmered in a rich and creamy tomato-based curry. Or explore the vibrant flavors of our Palak Paneer, a vegetarian delight featuring spinach, paneer cheese, and a blend of aromatic spices.

We can categorize the Restaurant Shezan Denmark into the following:

  • Popular 
  • Starters 
  • Tandoori 
  • Beef dishes 
  • Chicken dishes 
  • Lamb dishes 
  • Shrimp dishes
  • Rice dishes 
  • Vegetarian dishes 
  • House Specialties 
  • Chef’s Specialties 
  • Accessories 
  • Drinks 

Let’s explore them:

Popular Dishes

Chicken Butter139 KR
Chicken Tikka Masala139 KR
Popular Dishes

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Restaurant Shezan Forretter Price

Pappadam, 2 stk.15 KR
Bangala Salat45 KR
Shezan Salat45 KR
Prawn Cocktail55 KR
Chicken Tikka Salat55 KR
Vegetable Samosa (V)45KR
Raita (V)25 KR
Onion Bhaji (V)45 KR
Seekh Kebab, 2 stk.55 KR
Chicken Tandoori55 KR
Dal Soup (V)49 KR
Chicken Corn Soup49 KR
Creamed Chicken Soup49 KR
Aloo Tikki49 KR
Vegetable Soup49 KR
Tomato Soup49 KR
Prawn Cocktail Special59 KR
Forretter Menu

Restaurant Shezan Tandoori Menu Price

Seekh Kebab, 4 stk.119 KR
Chicken Tandoori, 2 stk.125 KR
Chicken Tikka135 KR
Lamb Tikka159 KR
Tandoori Price

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Restaurant Shezan Oksekødsretter Price 

Beef Masala139 KR
Beef Vinadaloo139 KR
Beef Chana139 KR
Beef Palak139 KR
Okeskodsretter Menu with Price

Restaurant Shezan Kyllingeretter Price Menu

Chicken Tikka Masala139 KR
Chicken Butter139 KR
Chicken Balti Curry119 KR
Chicken Vegetable145 KR
Chicken Spinach139 KR
Chicken Bhindi139 KR
Chicken Chana139 KR
Chicken Vindaloo139 KR
Chicken Shahi Korma139 KR
Chicken Jaferezi139 KR
Chicken Dhansak139 KR
Chicken Mughlai145 KR
Chicken Mushroom139 KR
Chicken Rogan Josh139 KR
Chicken Doo Piaza139 KR
Chicken Kasmiri145 KR
Chicken Karahi139 KR
Achar Murgh139 KR
Chicken Ginger139 KR
Kyllinggertter Denmkark

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Restaurant Shezan Lammeretter Menu

Lamb Curry119 KR
Lamb Potatos139 KR
Lamb Spinach139 KR
Lamb Bhindi139 KR
Lamb Chana139 KR
Lamb Bhuna139 KR
Lamb Shahi Korma139 KR
Lamb Mushroom139 KR
Lamb Kofta139 KR
Lamb Dhansak139 KR
Lamb Rogan Josh139 KR
Lamb Doo Piaza139 KR
Lamb Kashirikorma145 KR
Lamb Butter139 KR
Lamb Vindaloo139 KR
Lamb Karahi139 KR
Lamb Mix Fruit Korma149 KR
Lamb Vegetable145 KR
Achar Ghost139 KR
Lammeretter Restaurant

Restaurant Shezan Rejeretter Price Menu

Prawn Bhuna149 KR
Prawn Spinach149 KR
Prawn Chana149 KR
Prawn Fruity Korma155 KR
Rejeretter Menu

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Restaurant Shezan Risretter Price

Chicken Biryani149 KR
Lamb Biryani149 KR
Prawn Biryani149 KR
Vegetable Biryani (V)129 KR
Mix Biryani159 KR
Kasmiri Biryani159 KR
Risretter Price

Restaurant Shezan Vegetarretter Price Menu

Vegetable Tawa (V)129 KR
Dal Tarka (V)99 KR
Dal Specia l (V)109 KR
Chana Curry (V)99 KR
Vegtable Curry (V)99 KR
Vegetable Korma (V)119 KR
Palak Paneer (V)119 KR
Bhindi (V)109 KR
Palak Aloo (V)109 KR
Lahori Aloo (V)99 KR
Paneer Tikka (V)119 KR
Vegetarretter Updated Price

Restaurant Shezan Husets Specialiteter Menu

Shezan Beef Nihari139 KR
Vegetable Balti Kebab (V)119 KR
Dall Kashmiri135 KR
Fish Curry145 KR
Husets Specialiteter Denmark

Restaurant Shezan Kokkens Specialiteter Price

Mahi King Prawn155 KR
Malai Duck Korma149 KR
Turkey Dopiaza125 KR
Goa Masala149 KR
Duck Garlic Or Ginger149 KR
Turkey Tandoori125 KR
Fenugreek Tikka149 KR
Turkey Vindaloo125 KR
Kokkens Specialiteter Restaurant

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Restaurant Shezan Tilbehør Menu Price

Rice Pilao (V)25 KR
Kogte Ris (V)20 KR
Chapati (V)15 KR
Paratha (V)30 KR
Naan Plain (V)20 KR
Naan Garlic (V)25 KR
Aloo Paratha (V)45 KR
Naan Peshawari45 KR
Nan Kulcha/Stuffed45 KR
Keema Paratha45 KR
Tilbehor Menu With Price

Restaurant Shezan Drikke Menu

0,5 L Danskvand45 KR
0,5 L Coca-Cola45 KR
0,5 L Fanta45 KR
0,5 L Sprite45 KR
Mango Lassi49 KR
Drikke Price

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 12–11 pm

Phone No: +4533247888

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