Sink your teeth into a delightful sandwich adventure at Bogø Sandwich, a casual eatery in the heart of Aalborg, Denmark. Indulge in a symphony of flavors and textures as you explore their extensive menu, brimming with classic and creative sandwiches, salads, and light bites. Whether you crave the comforting familiarity of a ham and cheese sandwich or seek an explosion of their Kylling & Bogø  to every.

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  • Tilbehør 
  • Drikke 

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bogø aalborg Populære retter

Crispy Chicken
nadias sandwich
32 KR 
Crispy Chicken Menu79 KR 
Kylling & Bacon – Almindelig72 KR 
Oksekebab – Almindelig72 KR 
2x Chicken Tender Burger65 KR  
Kyllingekebab – Almindelig72 KR 
Popular Dishes

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nadias aalborg Sandwiches Updated Price 

Kylling & Bacon – Almindelig72 KR 
Hjemmelavet tunsalat – Almindelig72 KR 
Falafel – Almindelig72 KR 
Skinke & Ost – Almindelig72 KR 
Oksekebab – Almindelig72 KR 
Kyllingekebab – Almindelig72 KR 
Sandwiches Price

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bogø sandwich aalborg Burgere Menu

Crispy Chicken32 KR 
Crispy Chicken Menu79 KR 
2x Chicken Tender Burger65 KR 
Chicken Tender35 KR 
Burgere Menu

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bogø tornhøj Kennedys Plads Tilbehør Price

Pommes Frites35 KR 
Pommies Frites Denmark

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bogø aalborg øst Drikke Updated Price

0,5 L Sodavand27 KR 
0,5 L Egekilde27 KR 
0,5 L Ice Tea Peach27 KR 
Miranda Lemon27 KR 
Miranda Orange27 KR 
0,5 L Mountain Dew27 KR 
Vitamin Well27 KR 
Drikke Price

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Opening Hours:

Monday, 9 AM–9 PM

Tuesday, 9 AM–9 PM

Wednesday, 9 AM–9 PM

Thursday, 9 AM–9 PM

Friday, 9 AM–9 PM

Saturday, 10 AM-9 PM

Sunday, 10 AM-9 PM

Phone No:+4598127128

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