La Boheme Pizza & Grill Denmark and let your senses be swept away by the symphony of enticing aromas that fill the air. The savory fragrance of freshly baked pizza, the gentle sizzle of grilled meats, and the enticing scents of Mediterranean spices like oregano. Garlic, and basil create an irresistible prelude to the culinary adventure that awaits. The warm, inviting décor, adorned with rustic wooden accents and terracotta tiles, further enhances the immersive dining experience.

La Boheme Pizza & Grill Denmark’s menu is a culinary tribute to the rich flavors and culinary heritage of Italy. Complemented by a selection of grilled specialties that tantalize the taste buds. Their signature pizzas, prepared with meticulously selected ingredients and time-honored techniques, are a must-try for any visitor. The dough, made from a blend of Italian flours and fermented for 24 hours. Is stretched to a thin crust and baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. Capturing the essence of Neapolitan pizza-making expertise. The pizzas are then topped with a symphony of fresh ingredients, including San Marzano tomatoes. Hand-pulled mozzarella, and a variety of classic and innovative toppings.

We can categorize the La Boheme Pizza & Grill into the following:

  • Popular 
  • Frokostpizzaer 
  • Forretter & Salater 
  • Durum 
  • Pitabrød
  • Italienske Sandwiches 
  • Pizzaer 
  • Pizzaer – Indbagte
  • Burgere 
  • Børneretter 
  • Pastaretter 
  • Husets Specialiteter 
  • Hjemmelavede Burgere
  • Drikke 

Let’s explore them.

Popular Dishes

Meat Lover – Husets95 KR
Kebab Mix85 KR
Kurdisk Pizza85 KR
Spaghetti Carbonara90 KR
Hjemmelavet Bacon Cheese Burger85 KR
Litla Dimun85 KR
Popular Dishes

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La Boheme Pizza & Grill Denmark Frokostpizzaer Menu

Frokostpizza F159 KR
Frokostpizza F259 KR
Frokostpizza F359 KR
Frokostpizza F459 KR
Frokostpizza F559 KR
Frokostpizzaer Menu

La Boheme Pizza & Grill Denmark Forretter & Salater Menu Price

Amerikanske Dybstegte Kæmperejer75 KR
Kebab Salat75 KR
Kyllinge Salat75 KR
Græsk Salat75 KR
Hvidløgsbrød40 KR
Tzatziki40 KR
 Forretter & Salater Menu Price

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La Boheme Pizza & Grill Menu Durum

Durum med Kylling & Pommes85 KR
Durum med Kebab & Spaghetti85 KR
Durum med Kylling & Spaghetti85 KR
Durum med Kebab & Pommes85 KR
Durum med Falafel75 KR
Durum med Kebab75 KR
Durum med Kylling75 KR

La Boheme Pizza & Grill Pitabrød Price 2024

Pita med Falafel75 KR
Pita med Kebab75 KR
Pita med Tun75 KR
Pita med Kylling75 KR
Pitabrød Price 2024

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Italienske Sandwiches

Sandwich med Kylling & Pommes75 KR
Sandwich med Kebab & Pommes75 KR
Sandwich med Skinke70 KR
Sandwich med Kylling70 KR
Sandwich med Kebab70 KR
Italienske Sandwiches

La Boheme Pizza & Grill Pizzaer Menu

Verona85 KR
Catania80 KR
Palermo85 KR
67. Half n´Half105 KR
66. Half n´Half105 KR
65. Half n´Half105 KR
Melanie – Husets95 KR
Napoli85 KR
Rino – Husets95 KR
Meat Lover – Husets95 KR
Arena – Husets85 KR
Express – Husets90 KR
Herlukes – Husets90 KR
Gdansk – Husets90 KR
Superstærk – Mexicansk95 KR
Jamaica85 KR
Gonzales – Mexicansk95 KR
Indiana – Mexicansk95 KR
Santa Maria – Mexicansk95 KR
Robinson – Mexicansk95 KR
Mexicano – Mexicansk95 KR
43. Kurdisk Pizza85 KR
42. Kurdisk Pizza85 KR
41. Kurdisk Pizza85 KR
40. Kurdisk Pizza85 KR
Viking85 KR
Hanover85 KR
Litla Dimun85 KR
Milano85 KR
Martina Franca85 KR
Casanova85 KR
Ung Mand90 KR
Bilo95 KR
Ung Pige85 KR
Paris90 KR
Speciale85 KR
Papas80 KR
Roma85 KR
Vesuvio80 KR
Massa80 KR
Matador80 KR
Chaplin90 KR
Gorgonzola90 KR
La Boheme85 KR
Licata85 KR
Forli85 KR
Asti85 KR
Vegetar85 KR
Torino85 KR
Livorno95 KR
Hawaii80 KR
Mesopotamia85 KR
Turister85 KR
Carmen85 KR
Margherita75 KR
Pizzaer Menu

La Boheme Pizza & Grill Pizzaer Indbagte Price

Byens Special (Halvt Indbagt)90 KR
Mama Mia (Halvt Indbagt)90 KR
København (Halvt Indbagt)90 KR
Gondola (Halvt Indbagt)90 KR
Charlie´s (Halvt Indbagt)90 KR
Bologna85 KR
Mesters Egen85 KR
Calzone85 KR
Pizzaer Indbagte Price

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La Boheme Pizza & Grill Burgere Price Menu

Pommes Frites35 KR
Dobbelt Bacon Cheese Burger70 KR
Jumbo Burger65 KR
Cheese Burger60 KR
Bacon Burger60 KR
Bacon Cheese Burger70 KR
Burgere Price Menu


Kyllinge Nuggets60 KR
Pizza Mickey Mouse60 KR
Pizza Bamse60 KR
Pizza Bambino60 KR

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Pastaretter Menu La Boheme Pizza & Grill

Maccheroni al Forno90 KR
Spaghetti Carbonara90 KR
Maccheroni al Vegetar90 KR
Maccheroni al Amatrina90 KR
Maccheroni90 KR
Spaghetti Bolognese80 KR

La Boheme Pizzas & Grill Husets Specialiteter

Kyllingefilet140 KR
Burger90 KR
Plankebøf95 KR
Hjemmelavede Hakkebøffer110 KR
Grill Mix150 KR
Fiskefilet85 KR
Kalkunschnitzel90 KR
Pølsemix85 KR
Kylling Mix85 KR
Kebab Mix85 KR
Randers Special95 KR
½ Grillkylling85 KR
Falafel Mix85 KR
Husets Shawarma med Kylling85 KR
Husets Shawarma med Kebab85 KR
Husets Specialiteter

La Boheme Pizzas& Grill Hjemmelavede Burgere Menu Price

Hjemmelavet Bacon Cheese Burger85 KR
Hjemmelavet Cheese Burger85 KR
Hjemmelavet Bacon Burger80 KR
Hjemmelavet Burger75 KR
Burger100 KR
Hjemmelavede Burgere


0,4 L Cocio25 KR
0,5 L Kildevand15 KR
1,5 L Sodavand40 KR
0,5 L Sodavand25 KR

6, Rådhustorvet, Strømmen, Randers, Randers Municipality, Central Denmark Region, 8900, Denmark

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday 11 am–9 pm

Sunday 4 am–9 pm

Phone No: +4587828080

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